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Summer Sucks

South Park

  • episode / SE2 EP8
South Park

Summer Sucks

South Park

A fireworks ban threatens Fourth of July festivities.

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Cast / 6

Trey Parker Stan Marsh/Eric Cartman/Mr. Garrison/Man with Saw/Steve/Officer Barbrady/Ned Gerblanski/Charlie/Ted/Tom the News Reader/Creamy Goodness/Border Guard/Man in Crowd 1/Man in Crowd 2/Mormon 1/Mormon 3/Man
Matt Stone Kyle Broflovski/Kenny McCormick/Pip Pirrup/Kevin's Father/Jimbo Kern/Johnson/Ted/Conductor/Mexican Firework Salesman/Mormon 2/Man in Crowd 3/Man in Crowd 4/Man in Crowd 6/Man Covered in Ash
Shannen Cassidy Kevin's Mother/Mayor McDaniels/Swimming Teacher/Shari Lewis
Nico Agnone Young Stan/Young Kyle


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Crew / 1