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A Very Brady Sequel

A Very Brady Sequel

The trusting and anachronistic Brady family gets a harsh jolt of 1990s reality when scheming con artist Trevor Thomas (Tim Matheson) shows up at their home, claiming that he's the long-missing first husband of Brady matriarch Carol (Shelley Long). Her real husband, good-natured Mike (Gary Cole), is none too happy about their house guest. The Brady kids eventually catch wind of the deception, leading to an antic-filled excursion to Hawaii when the impostor steals a prized family possession.

    • feature film
    • 1996
    • Adult Situations
    • Comedy

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Cast / 13

Shelley Long Carol Brady
Gary Cole Mike Brady
Tim Matheson Roy Martin/Trevor Thomas
Christine Taylor Marcia Brady
Paul Sutera Peter Brady
Henriette Mantel Alice Nelson
Jesse Lee Bobby Brady
Olivia Hack Cindy Brady
John Hillerman Dr. Whitehead
Rosie O'Donnell Rosie O'Donnell

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Crew / 4