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Hornblower: The Even Chance

Hornblower: The Even Chance

Young Hornblower (Ioan Gruffudd) joins the British navy and encounters a bully who challenges him to a duel.

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Cast / 18

Ioan Gruffudd Midshipman Horatio Hornblower
Robert Lindsay Captain Sir Edward Pellew
Dorian Healy Midshipman Jack Simpson
Michael Byrne Captain Keene
Robert Bathurst Lieutenant Eccleston
Duncan Bell Midshipman Clayton
Paul Copley Matthews
Jamie Bamber Midshipman Archie Kennedy
Colin MacLachlan Master Bowles
Roger May Lieutenant Chadd
Vincent Grass Captain Forget
Richard Lumsden Midshipman Hether
Frank Boyce Midshipman Cleveland
Simon Markey Dr. Hepplewhite
Oliver Montgomery Lieutenant Chalk


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Crew / 5