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Intern Academy

Intern Academy

At a teaching hospital with a very substandard reputation, the unscrupulous Dr. Cyrill Kipp (Dan Aykroyd) tyrannizes over the facility. When a group of interns arrives, the new recruits, including the hapless Mike Bonnert (Peter Oldring) and the lovely Mitzi Cole (Christine Chatelain), attempt to learn the ropes at the woefully mismanaged institution. Given the hedonistic and rebellious nature of the students, will any of them make progress toward becoming a doctor?

    • feature film
    • 2004
    • Adult Language
    • Adult Situations
    • Nudity
    • Comedy

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Cast / 13

Peter Oldring Mike Bonnert
Pat Kelly Dale Dodd
Viv Leacock Marlon Thomas
Ingrid Kavelaars Mira Towers
Jane McLean Christine Lee
Lynda Boyd Cynthia Skyes
Carly Pope Sarah Calder
Dave Thomas Dr. Omar Olson
Dan Aykroyd Dr. Cyrill Kipp
Maury Chaykin Dr. Roger "Tony" Toussant
Matt Frewer Dr. Anton Keller
Saul Rubinek Dr. Sam Bonnert

Recommendations / 3

Crew / 5