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Modern-day warriors use ancient Chinese techniques in their battle against evil. Pilot for the TV series.

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Cast / 29

Byron Mann Michael Fu
Stacy Oversier Serena Blue
Tory Kittles Ray Jackson
Dominic Purcell Keith Grady
Michelle Comerford White Warrior
David No Shadowman No. 1
Bren Ismail Shadowman No. 2
Kyle Rowlings Shadowman No. 3
Ray Anthony Shadowman No. 4
Simone McAullay Mrs. Harrison
Linal Haft Howard Lancaster
Aki Holloway Rapper No. 2
Myles Pollard Paul Beck
Barry Otto Professor
George Cheung Tojo Sakamura
Carly Movizio Grady's Girlfriend
Nandy McLean Geisha No. 1
Maya McClean Geisha No. 2
Rod Power Lancaster Security Guard
Karen Pang Anna Chan
Anne Grigg Serena's Mother
Steve Tan Man No. 1


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Crew / 11