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After civil engineer Arlo Pear (Richard Pryor) loses his job following a corporate merger, he must sell his house and move with his wife, Monica (Beverly Todd), and daughter, Casey (Stacey Dash), 2,000 miles from small-town New Jersey to Boise, Idaho. Unfortunately, the moving company -- led by slippery, fast-talking Perry (Robert LaSardo) -- has other ideas. When the movers go AWOL with the Pear family's belongings in the midst of the journey, Pear decides to take matters into his own hands.

    • feature film
    • 1988
    • Adult Language
    • Comedy

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Cast / 10

Richard Pryor Arlo Pear
Beverly Todd Monica Pear
Dave Thomas Gary Marcus
Randy Quaid Frank/Cornall Crawford
Dana Carvey Brad Williams
Stacey Dash Casey Pear
Raphael Harris Marshall Pear
Ishmael Harris Randy Pear

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Crew / 2