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Mrs. Soffel

  • movie
Mrs. Soffel

Mrs. Soffel

Kate Soffel (Diane Keaton) is married to a prison warden in Pittsburgh, and is the mother of their four children. Ed Biddle (Mel Gibson) is a convicted murderer awaiting execution on death row with his brother, Jack (Matthew Modine). When Kate meets Eddie through her Bible readings to the prisoners, she is drawn to him, and they pursue a clandestine relationship. She agrees to help the brothers escape, and begins a treacherous journey with them to freedom in Canada.

    • feature film
    • 1984
    • PG-13
    • Adult Situations
    • Violence
    • Drama

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Cast / 8

Diane Keaton Kate Soffel
Mel Gibson Ed Biddle
Matthew Modine Jack Biddle
Edward Herrmann Warden Peter Soffel
Trini Alvarado Irene Soffel
Jennie Dundas Margaret Soffel
Danny Corkill Eddie Soffel
Terry O'Quinn Detective Buck McGovern

Recommendations / 3

Crew / 1