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In this film version of the British miniseries, set in the 19th century, the Poldark family is plagued by both new and old problems. Ross Poldark (John Bowe), who started a family with his servant Demelza (Mel Martin), must leave home to fight against the French. The family must also protect themselves from George (Michael Attwell), the head of the Warleggan family, with whom the Poldarks have longstanding issues. Meanwhile, Clowance (Kelly Reilly) must decide between two romantic paths.

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Cast / 21

John Bowe Ross Poldark
Mel Martin Demelza
Michael Attwell George Warleggan
Ioan Gruffudd Jeremy Poldark
Kelly Reilly Clowance Poldark
Nicholas Gleaves Stephen Cravenson
Gabrielle Lloyd Jane Gimlet
Sarah Carpenter Lady Harriet
Hans Matheson Ben Carter
Amanda Ryan Cuby Trevanion
James Saxon Prince Regent
Nicholas Rowe Lord Edward Fitzmaurice
Andrew Readman Dr. Dwight Enys
Fiona Victory Caroline Enys
John Boswall Cary Warleggan
Tom Mannion John Trevanion
Michael Troughton Duke of Leeds
Geoffrey Larder Jack Kellow
Nicola Wheeler Violet Kellow

Recommendations / 3

Crew / 4