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The Babe

  • movie
The Babe

The Babe

George Herman "Babe" Ruth (John Goodman) grows from a troubled boy who was sent to an orphanage to one of the most successful baseball players on record. Babe first becomes a power hitter and pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. After a falling-out with Red Sox owner Harry Frazee (Peter Donat), Babe is sold to the New York Yankees. He is idolized in New York, setting a record for home runs, as well as creating dramatic moments like hitting two homers for a sick boy in the hospital.

    • feature film
    • 1992
    • PG
    • Adult Language
    • Adult Situations
    • Biography

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Cast / 14

John Goodman George Herman "Babe" Ruth
Kelly McGillis Claire Hodgson Ruth
Trini Alvarado Helen Woodford Ruth
Bruce Boxleitner Jumpin' Joe Dugan
Peter Donat Harry Frazee
James Cromwell Brother Mathias
J.C. Quinn Jack Dunn
Joe Ragno Miller Huggins
Bernard Kates Colonel Jack Ruppert
Andy Voils Young Jidge
Dylan Day Johnny Sylvester, 10 Years Old
Stephen Caffrey Johnny Sylvester

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Crew / 2