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The Gallant Hours

The Gallant Hours

As he retires from the U.S. Navy, Admiral William J. Halsey (James Cagney) recalls the most daunting challenge in his career: the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942. Ordered to replace a close friend as fleet admiral, Halsey faces a wily and fierce adversary in Japan's Admiral Yamamoto, and spends the grueling months of the campaign confounding expectations of both the enemy and his own staff. Pained by the losses he knows they will endure, Halsey pushes his forces to the brink.

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Cast / 15

James Cagney Fleet Adm. Wiliam F. Halsey Jr.
Dennis Weaver Lt. Cmdr. Andy Lowe
Ward Costello Capt. Harry Black
Richard Jaeckel Lt. Cmdr. Roy Webb
Les Tremayne Capt. Frank Enright
Robert Burton Maj. Gen. Roy Geiger
Raymond Bailey Maj. Gen. Archie Vandergrift
Carl Benton Reid Vice-Adm. Robert Ghormley
Walter Sande Capt. Horace Keys
Karl Swenson Capt. Bill Bailey
Harry Landers Capt. Joseph Foss
Richard Carlyle Father Frederic Gehring
James Yagi Rear Adm. Jiro Kobe
John Zaremba Maj. Gen. Millard F. Harmon

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Crew / 2