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The Siege

  • movie
The Siege

The Siege

After terrorists attack a bus in Brooklyn, a Broadway theater and FBI headquarters, FBI anti-terrorism expert Anthony Hubbard (Denzel Washington) teams up with CIA agent Elise Kraft (Annette Bening) to investigate. Soon, martial law is declared in New York City, and General William Devereaux (Bruce Willis), a sadistic racist, is put in command. When Devereaux begins rounding up Arab-Americans and forcing them into a detention camp, Hubbard and Kraft must fight back in the name of freedom.

    • feature film
    • 1998
    • Adult Language
    • Adult Situations
    • Brief Nudity
    • Violence
    • Thriller
    • Drama

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Cast / 18

Denzel Washington Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard, Assistant Special Agent-in-charge FBI Counter-intelligence Task Force
Annette Bening Elise Kraft/Sharon Bridger
Bruce Willis Major General William Devereaux
Tony Shalhoub Agent Frank Haddad, Counter-intelligence Task Force
Sami Bouajila Samir Nazhde
David Proval Danny Sussman
Lance Reddick FBI Agent Floyd Rose
Mark Valley FBI Agent Mike Johanssen
Liana Pai Tina Osu
Jack Gwaltney Fred Darius
Chip Zien Chief of Staff
Victor Slezak Col. Hardwick
Will Lyman FBI Director
Dakin Matthews Senator Wright
John Rothman Congressman Marshall
E. Katherine Kerr Attorney General
Jimmie Ray Weeks Army General
Amro Salama Tariq Husseini

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Crew / 14