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The Stepsister

The Stepsister

A young woman (Rena Sofer) suspects that her new stepmother (Linda Evans) and stepsister murdered her father (Alan Rachins).

    • tv movie
    • 1997
    • TVPG
    • Adult Situations
    • Violence
    • Thriller

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Cast / 30

Linda Evans Joan Curtis Shaw Canfield
Alan Rachins Dr. Derek Canfield
Rena Sofer Darcy Canfield Ray
Bridgette Wilson Melinda Harrison
Richard Joseph Paul Dr. Victor Ray
Donnelly Rhodes Professor Jeffrey Thurston
Don S. Davis Detective Church
Alex Pollock Brian Harrison
Lynda Boyd Margaret "Maggie" Curtis
Tosca Baggoo Officer Sanders
Cheryl Wilson Dr. Donna Canfield
Marcy Goldberg Operating Room Nurse
French Tickner Chief of Staff
Diana Stevan Aunt Trish
Kevin Blatch Head Caterer
Robert Thurston Funeral Director
Lesley Ewen Security Chief


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Crew / 2