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After her husband is killed in a trucking accident, Alice packs up the car and her son, Tommy, and heads to Hollywood, dreaming of a singing career. Her car breaks down in Phoenix, forcing her to take a job at Mel's Diner, a greasy spoon where gruff owner Mel barks orders to Alice and her fellow waitresses.

    • series
    • 9 Seasons
    • 203 Episodes
    • 1976
    • TVPG
    • Sitcom

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Cast / 8

Linda Lavin Alice Hyatt
Philip McKeon Tommy Hyatt
Vic Tayback Mel Sharples
Polly Holliday Florence Jean Castleberry
Beth Howland Vera Louise Gorman
Diane Ladd Belle Dupree
Celia Weston Jolene Hunnicutt

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