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As the World Turns

As the World Turns

The Hughes, Snyder and Walsh families are the predominant forces in Oakdale, Ill., and they have quite a history. Many of the various family members and friends struggle to do the right thing as they follow their hearts.

    • series
    • 1111 Episodes
    • 1956
    • TV14
    • Soap

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Cast / 67

Noelle Beck Lily Snyder
Terri Colombino Katie Peretti
Ewa Da Cruz Vienna Hyatt
Trent Dawson Henry Coleman
Ellen Dolan Margo Montgomery Hughes
Eileen Fulton Lisa Miller Grimaldi
Tom Degnan Riley Morgan
Benton Greene Derek Coburn
Meredith Hagner Liberty Ciccone
Van Hansis Luke Snyder
Don Hastings Dr. Bob Hughes
Kathryn Hays Kim Sullivan Hughes
Mick Hazen Parker Munson
Jon Hensley Holden Snyder
Scott Holmes Tom Hughes
Roger Howarth Paul Ryan
Elizabeth Hubbard Lucinda Walsh
Jon Lindstrom Craig Montgomery
Billy Magnussen Casey Hughes
Marie Masters Dr. Susan Burke Stewart
Cady McClain Rosanna Cabot
Grayson McCouch Dusty Donovan
Michael Park Jack Snyder
Austin Peck Brad Snyder
Julie Pinson Janet Ciccone
Marnie Schulenburg Alison Stewart
Paolo Seganti Damian Grimaldi
Maura West Carly Tenney
Kathleen Widdoes Emma Snyder
Davida Williams Jade Taylor
Marie Wilson Meg Snyder
Helen Wagner Nancy Hughes McClosky
Jon Prescott Mike Kasnoff
Wole Parks Dallas Griffin
Daniel Manche J.J. Larrabee
Agim Kaba Aaron Snyder
Justine Cotsonas Sofie Duran
Dylan Bruce Dr. Chris Hughes
Tala Ashe Ameera Ali Aziz
Chauntee Schuler Bonnie McKechnie
Jesse Soffer Will Munson
Jennifer Landon Gwen Munson
Alexandra Chando Maddie Coleman
Jennifer Ferrin Jennifer Munson
Martha Byrne Lily Walsh Snyder
Hunt Block Craig Montgomery
Paul Leyden Simon Frasier
Kristina Sisco Abigail Williams
Patrick Tovatt Cal Stricklyn
Scott DeFreitas Andrew Dixon
Larry Bryggman Dr. John Dixon
Lisa Brown Iva Snyder
Julianne Moore Frannie Hughes/Sabrina Hughes
Scott Bryce Craig Montgomery
Gregg Marx Tom Hughes
Brian Bloom Dusty Donovan
John Wesley Shipp Doug Cummings
Justin Deas Thomas Christopher
Henderson Forsythe Dr. David Stewart

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