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Blind Justice

Blind Justice

NYPD Detective Jim Dunbar, blinded in an on-the-job incident, refuses to let his lack of sight end his career and goes back to work despite his disability. His other senses help compensate for his lack of sight, but his fellow cops are leery of working with a man who won't be able to see the bad guys coming.

    • series
    • 1 Seasons
    • 13 Episodes
    • 2005
    • TV14
    • Adult Situations
    • Crime drama

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Cast / 6

Ron Eldard Det. Jim Dunbar
Marisol Nichols Det. Karen Bettancourt
Rena Sofer Christie Dunbar
Reno Wilson Det. Tom Selway
Frank Grillo Det. Marty Russo
Michael Gaston Lt. Gary Fisk

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