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Bob & Doug

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Bob & Doug

Bob & Doug

The McKenzie brothers are back, this time in animated form, in an edgy half-hour comedy that trades on the "Great White North" stereotypes the iconic duo made famous in the early 1980s. Set in the fictional town of Maple Lake, the series centers around Doug and Bob's lives as garbagemen and the gang of hosers they hang around with at the Skate `n' Bowl. Dave Thomas returns as the voice of Doug, but the original Bob, Rick Moranis, takes part as an executive producer only, replaced by the voice of Dave Coulier ("Full House").

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Cast / 11

Patrick McKenna Dennis/Donhuckle
Derek McGrath Mayor Melvin
Neil Crone Reverend McRee
Tracey Hoyt Mary Beth
Ho Chow Henry Chow
Julie Lemieux Heather Donhuckle

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Crew / 2