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Ben Cartwright is the patriarch of an all-male Nevada ranching family. Set during and after the Civil War, "Bonanza" is the story of life on the family's thousand-acre spread, known as the Ponderosa, near Virginia City. Ben has his three sons, each with a different (and deceased) mother. Serious eldest son Adam hopes to follow in his father's footsteps; middle son Hoss is a gentle giant -- physically strong, but sometimes naive; and youngest son Little Joe is the most impetuous and romantic of the offspring.

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Cast / 11

Lorne Greene Ben Cartwright
Michael Landon Little Joe Cartwright
Dan Blocker Eric "Hoss" Cartwright
Pernell Roberts Adam Cartwright
Ray Teal Sheriff Roy Coffee
Bing Russell Deputy Clem Foster
Lou Frizzell Dusty Rhoades
Mitch Vogel Jamie Hunter
Tim Matheson Griff King

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Crew / 1