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The third permutation of the "CSI" franchise sets up shop in the Big Apple, where taciturn detective Mac Taylor and his new partner, Jo Danville, lead a crime-solving team. Taylor, a retired Marine who believes evidence holds the truth that people may try to cover up, finds balance in Jo's empathy-driven investigative style. Their team includes spirited investigators like Danny Messer and wife Lindsay Monroe Messer, former coroner Sheldon Hawkes, and edgy detective Don Flack.

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Cast / 9

Gary Sinise Det. Mack "Mac" Taylor
Sela Ward Jo Danville
Carmine Giovinazzo Det. Danny Messer
Hill Harper Dr./Det. Sheldon Hawkes
Eddie Cahill Det. Donald Flack, Jr.
Anna Belknap Det. Lindsay Monroe Messer
A.J. Buckley Adam Rossi
Robert Joy Dr. Sid Hammerback
Melina Kanakaredes Det. Stella Bonasera

Recommendations / 3

Crew / 6