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The young lives on Degrassi Street are always rife with problems. Whether it's about sexuality, growing up, drugs or parents, there's always something going on in the high school and at their homes. The long-running, multiple award-winning franchise, most recently titled "Degrassi: The Next Generation," follows the characters in a soap opera-type format as they endure the pangs of transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

    • series
    • 14 Seasons
    • 214 Episodes
    • 2010
    • TV14
    • Drama

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Cast / 25

Aislinn Paul Clare Edwards
Luke Bilyk Drew Torres
Eric Osborne Miles Hollingsworth III
Melinda Shankar Alli Bhandari
Sarah Fisher Becky Baker
Ana Golja Zoe Rivas
Nikki Gould Grace Cardinal
Cristine Prosperi Imogen Moreno
A.J. Saudin Connor Deslauriers
Ricardo Hoyos Zig Novak
Andre Kim Winston Chu
Lyle Lettau Tristan Milligan
Olivia Scriven Maya Matlin
Jessica Tyler Jenna Middleton
Sara Waisglass Frankie Hollingsworth
Spencer MacPherson Hunter Hollingsworth
Niamh Wilson Jack Jones
Amanda Arcuri Lola Pacini
Reiya Downs Shaylynn "Shay" Powers
Ehren Kassam Jonah Haak
Devyn Nekoda Arlene Takahashi
Stefan Brogren Archie "Snake" Simpson
Cory Lee Ms. Oh

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