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That maniac who nearly ran you off the road on your way to work may have been racing for his life. He could have been, say, Alex Tully, a man forced into this illegal and potentially deadly cross-country road race in a desperate bid to locate his missing ex-wife, accompanied by mysterious stowaway Corinna. Other drivers include Wendy Patrakas, an abused wife competing for the safety of her newborn baby; Winston, who hopes to make a break from his shady past; and Hurricane Katrina survivors Ivy, Leigh and Susan.

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Cast / 13

Nathan Fillion Alex Tully
Kristin Lehman Corinna Wiles
Kevin Alejandro Winston Salazar
Rochelle Aytes Leigh Barnthouse
Dylan Baker John Trimble
Michael Hyatt Susan Chamblee
Melanie Lynskey Wendy Patrakas
Taryn Manning Ivy Chitty
Mircea Monroe Ellie Howe
J.D. Pardo Sean Salazar
Riley Smith Rob Laird
Emma Stone Violet Trimble

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Crew / 3