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From the outside, Graceland is the idyllic beachfront home of a group of diverse young roommates. On the inside, it's the residence and operations center of vital agents of the FBI, DEA and U.S. Customs -- the place got its name because it was seized from a drug lord obsessed with Elvis Presley. Young FBI agent Mike Warren is sent to Graceland, unexpectedly, while he is anticipating a traditional Washington desk job. Thrown into the fire with this undercover assignment, Warren relies heavily on mentor Paul Briggs, a senior agent who conceals the compound's activities from the world.

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Cast / 6

Daniel Sunjata Paul Briggs
Aaron Tveit Mike Warren
Vanessa Ferlito Catherine "Charlie" Lopez
Brandon Jay McLaren Dale "DJ" Jakes
Manny Montana Joe "Johnny" Tuturro
Serinda Swan Paige Arkin

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Crew / 2