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Andy and Loli were classmates in high school and didn't see each other again for 18 years. Andy, who lives a laid-back life, and Loli, who is married to an ideal-looking family, meet again and an unexpected secret is revealed.

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Cast / 15

Nancy Dupláa María Laura "Loli" Falsini
Daniel Hendler Andrés Elías "Andy" Goddzer
Juan Gil Navarro Guillermo "Willy" Almada
Luciano Cáceres Pablo "Bon Jovi" Catáneo
Julieta Ortega Verónica Diorio
Isabel Macedo Jimena Benítez/ Patricia "Pato" Longo.
Juan Leyrado Clemente Falsini
Dolores Fonzi Azul Vega
Mex Urtizberea Benjamín "Tuca" Pardo
Gastón Soffritti Martín Catáneo / Goddzer
Paola Barrientos María Victoria "Vicky" Lauría
Roberto Carnaghi Elías Goddzer
Mirta Busnelli Dana Blatt de Goddzer
Mercedes Scápola Clara "Clarita" Acuña
Marco Antonio Caponi Augusto Giribone


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Crew / 7