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Harry's Law

Harry's Law

Emmy Award winner David E. Kelley created this series about fate and the people it brings together. It stars Academy Award winner Kathy Bates as Harriet, a tough talker who is looking for a fresh start after being fired from her job as a patent lawyer. Harriet's world collides with Malcolm, a young man trying to figure out life, and Adam, a legal hotshot who decides to leave his firm to work with her. Along with Harriet's assistant, Jenna, the unlikely team starts a law practice in an unlikely place, a rundown shoe store.

    • series
    • 2 Seasons
    • 34 Episodes
    • 2011
    • TV14
    • Drama
    • Law

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Cast / 7

Kathy Bates Harriet "Harry" Korn
Nate Corddry Adam Branch
Christopher McDonald Tommy Jefferson
Karen Olivo Cassie Reynolds
Mark Valley Oliver Richard
Brittany Snow Jenna Backstrom
Aml Ameen Malcolm Davies

Recommendations / 3

Crew / 2