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Love Boat: The Next Wave

Love Boat: The Next Wave

In this updated version of the classic "Love Boat" series, recently divorced former U.S. Navy captain Jim Kennedy III takes the helm of a Caribbean cruise ship - along with its crew mates - on adventuresome voyages that sometimes lead to romance. The captain's son, Danny, also comes along for the ride on the ship, dubbed the Sun Princess, to get a taste of sea life. Like in the original series, this short-lived show featured a number of guest stars in each episode, including some original "Love Boat" cast members.

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Cast / 7

Robert Urich Captain Jim Kennedy III
Joan Severance Security Chief Camille Hunter
Phil Morris Chief Purser Will Sanders
Corey Parker Ship's Doctor John Morgan
Randy Vasquez Bar Manager Paolo Kaire
Heidi Mark Cruise Director Nicole Jordan
Kyle Howard Danny Kennedy

Recommendations / 3

Crew / 2