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Monday Mornings

Monday Mornings

The doctors at Chelsea General Hospital in Portland, Ore., never look forward to Monday mornings. The staff, led by Dr. Harding Hooten, the robotic, ultraserious chief of surgery, and Dr. Jorge Villanueva, the hospital's celebrated trauma chief, is made up of some of the top surgeons in the world, but of course no one is perfect. It's a stark reminder Dr. Hooten delivers each Monday in the hospital's notorious morbidity and mortality conference, a harsh, closed-door review of the complications encountered and mistakes made during the course of patient care. "Monday Mornings," a drama from David E. Kelley ("The Practice," "Ally McBeal") and based on the book by CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, follows the lives of Chelsea's doctors as they fight against often-impossible odds to save their patients. And when mistakes are made, it's up to their colleagues to find out what went wrong and why.

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Cast / 8

Ving Rhames Dr. Jorge Villanueva
Alfred Molina Dr. Harding Hooten
Jamie Bamber Dr. Tyler Wilson
Jennifer Finnigan Dr. Tina Ridgeway
Bill Irwin Dr. Buck Tierney
Keong Sim Dr. Sung Park
Sarayu Rao Dr. Sydney Napur
Emily Swallow Dr. Michelle Robidaux

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