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My So-Called Life

My So-Called Life

"My So-Called Life" is a bastion of teen angst. Angela is a high schooler in constant turmoil over her exposure to boys, friends, drugs, sex ... basically the normal 1990s teen trappings. Many a plot revolves around Angela's crush on heartthrob Jordan Catalano.

    • series
    • 1 Seasons
    • 19 Episodes
    • 1994
    • TV14
    • Drama

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Cast / 9

Bess Armstrong Patty Chase
Wilson Cruz Rickie Vasquez
Claire Danes Angela Chase
Devon Gummersall Brian Krakow
A.J. Langer Rayanne Graff
Jared Leto Jordan Catalano
Devon Odessa Sharon Cherski
Lisa Wilhoit Danielle Chase
Tom Irwin Graham Chase

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Crew / 2