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Dick Loudon and wife Joanna relocate from New York City to a small town in Vermont, where they run the historic Stafford Inn. They're surrounded by a town full of oddballs and colorful characters, whom Loudon deals with in various states of bemusement.

    • series
    • 8 Seasons
    • 184 Episodes
    • 1982
    • TVPG
    • Sitcom

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Cast / 21

Bob Newhart Dick Loudon
Mary Frann Joanna Loudon
Tom Poston George Utley
Julia Duffy Stephanie Vanderkellen
Peter Scolari Michael Harris
John Voldstad Second Darryl
Tony Papenfuss First Darryl
Jennifer Holmes Leslie Vanderkellen
Steven Kampmann Kirk Devane
Rebecca York Cindy Parker Devane
Lee Wilkof Elliot Gabler
Thomas Hill Jim Dixon
William Lanteau Chester Wanamaker
Jeff Doucette Harley Estin
Todd Susman Constable Shifflett
Kathy Kinney Prudence Goddard
David Pressman Art Rusnak

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