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This Steven Bochco-produced series pulls few punches in portraying the day-to-day lives of cops in New York's 15th Precinct. Characters' personal lives intertwine with the cases they work, which often deal with the worst elements the city has to offer. Many characters came and went during the show's 12-season run but one constant throughout the series was Det. Andy Sipowicz, portrayed by Dennis Franz.

    • series
    • 12 Seasons
    • 265 Episodes
    • 1993
    • TV14
    • Adult Situations
    • Crime drama

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Cast / 19

Dennis Franz Det. Sgt. Andy Sipowicz
Mark-Paul Gosselaar Det. John Clark, Jr.
Gordon Clapp Det. Greg Medavoy
Bill Brochtrup John Irvin
Henry Simmons Det. Baldwin Jones
Jacqueline Obradors Det. Rita Ortiz
Currie Graham Lt. Thomas Bale
Bonnie Somerville Det. Laura Murphy
David Caruso Detective John Kelly
Amy Brenneman Janice Licalsi
Vincent Guastaferro Sgt. Vincent Agostini
Sharon Lawrence ADA Sylvia Costas
James McDaniel Lt. Arthur FAncy
Gail O'Grady Donna Abandando
Nicholas Turturro Turturro as Detective James Martinez
Jimmy Smits Det. Bobby Simone
Kim Delaney Diane Russell
Rick Schroder Det. Danny Sorenson
Andrea Thompson Det. Jill Kirkendall

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