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Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

Although the cast of this Emmy-winning soap opera includes theatrical legend Dame Judith Anderson, "Santa Barbara" is best remembered today for its witty dialogue and sometimes tongue-in-cheek situations that often seemed like an affectionate parody of the genre. Dominating the show is the filthy-rich Capwell family, and the five-year-old murder of family scion Channing Capwell Jr. is a major recurring plot point, with the soap beginning as recently paroled Joe Perkins returns to Santa Barbara, determined to prove he had not killed Channing. Among the most prominent characters are Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo; C.C. Capwell and wife, Sophia; Gina Blake DeMott Capwell Timmons; Augusta and Lionel Lockridge and, perhaps most popular of all, the scene-stealing Mason Capwell and Julia Wainwright.

    • series
    • 10 Seasons
    • 2162 Episodes
    • 1984
    • Soap

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Cast / 21

Jed Allan C.C. Capwell
Marcy Walker Eden Capwell
A Martinez Cruz Castillo
Robin Wright Kelly Capwell
Lane Davies Mason Capwell
Nancy Lee Grahn Julia Wainwright
Gordon Thomson Mason Capwell
Judith McConnell Sophia Capwell
Joseph Bottoms Kirk Cranston
Michael Brainard Ted Capwell
Robin Mattson Gina Capwell
Louise Sorel Augusta Lockridge
Sydney Penny B.J. Walker
Nicolas Coster Lionel Lockridge
Justin Gocke Brandon Capwell
Roscoe Born Robert Barr
Henry Darrow Rafael Castillo
Justin Deas Keith Timmons
Ross Kettle Jeffrey Conrad
Richard Eden Dusty Donovan
Judith Anderson Minx Lockridge

Recommendations / 3

Crew / 1