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Sebastian Stark is a charismatic defense attorney who -- after a surprising outcome in one of his tabloid-fodder cases, as well as a personal epiphany -- decides to quit his practice and become a prosecutor with the L.A. District Attorney's High Profile Crime Unit. His new boss, D.A. Jessica Devlin, despises Stark's ruthless strategies, but that doesn't stop Stark from hiring a team of young prosecutors he hopes to pass his tactics on to. Though Stark is seeking to redeem himself, he has no intention of stopping his underhanded approach just because he's working for the "good guys."

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Cast / 7

James Woods Deputy D.A. Sebastian Stark
Jeri Ryan D.A. Jessica Devlin
Henry Simmons Isaac Wright
Sophina Brown Deputy D.A. Raina Troy
Sarah Carter Deputy D.A. Madeleine Poe
Kevin Alejandro Danny Reyes

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Crew / 1