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Simon & Simon

Simon & Simon

Brothers Rick and A.J. (short for Andrew Jackson) Simon run a private detective agency in San Diego. Rick is a street-smart, good-old-boy Vietnam vet, while A.J. is a book-smart, by-the-rules type. The two have to balance their head-butting with their completely opposite styles while solving crimes and busting bad guys. The brothers have so little in common that they even use different guns -- Rick carries a .44 Magnum while A.J. uses a .357 Magnum. Rick, who prefers things that his brother deems to be lower class, lives on a boat in A.J.'s yard.

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Cast / 6

Jameson Parker Andrew Jackson "A.J." Simon
Gerald McRaney Rick Simon
Jeannie Wilson Janet Fowler
Mary Carver Cecilia Simon
Eddie Barth Myron Fowler
Tim Reid Det. Marcel "Downtown" Brown

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