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Stephen King's The Stand

Stephen King's The Stand

A four-part miniseries tells the horror story of King's "The Stand." A supervirus that leaked from a lab kills most of the population in what appears to be The Plague (Part 1). The survivors share The Dreams (Part 2). Then they fight to stay alive as they break into groups of good and evil in The Betrayal (Part 3). The Stand (Part 4) between good and evil is the final episode.

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Cast / 13

Gary Sinise Stu Redman
Molly Ringwald Frannie Goldsmith
Laura San Giacomo Nadine Cross
Jamey Sheridan Randall Flagg
Ossie Davis Judge Richard Farris
Ruby Dee Mother Abigail Freemantle
Rob Lowe Nick Andros
Miguel Ferrer Lloyd Henreid
Matt Frewer Trashcan Man
Corin Nemec Harold Lauder
Adam Storke Larry Underwood
Ray Walston Glen Bateman

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Crew / 3