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The Forgotten

The Forgotten

Former detective Alex Donovan leads a team of volunteers known as The Forgotten Network, a dedicated group of amateur sleuths that takes on murder cases after the police have reached a dead end and even unable to identify the deceased. The group, meeting in coffee shops and living rooms to discuss the evidence, works persistently to ID victims before burial. Then members turn their attention to catching the killers. Each member of the team has a different motivation for being part of the group: Donovan left the police force after his little girl's disappearance. Candace uses it to escape the boredom of her job. Science teacher Lindsey works in the network as penance for a crime committed by her husband. True-crime enthusiast Walter simply wants to help, and med-school dropout Tyle has been assigned to the network for community service.

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Cast / 6

Christian Slater Alex Donovan
Michelle Borth Candace Butler
Heather Stephens Lindsey Drake
Bob Stephenson Walter Bailey
Anthony Carrigan Tyler Davies
Rochelle Aytes Detective Grace Russell

Recommendations / 3

Crew / 4